Nadya Hutagalung - Supermodel, celebrity and eco-activist

Founder of GreenKampong.com and one of the most recognisable faces in Asia, FLY Entertainment Artiste, Nadya Hutagalung has become known as much for her passion and advocacy for green and sustainable living as she is for her fashion and TV successes.

Nadya’s green roots run deep – from young, her mother shared with her stories about rescuing stolen orang utans from an Indonesian zoo and taught her the meaning of living sustainably. These influences sparked in Nadya a lifelong love for nature and animals as well as a mindset of appreciating the Earth and giving back.

Most recently, Nadya made headlines for her signature eco-home on the aptly named Greenwood neighbourhood, a project three years in the making. Also in the limelight is GreenKampong.com. It was first started to track the progress and challenges of building her home, but quickly evolved into a forum for similar-minded people and the issues that matter to them. Nadya has also been Singapore's Ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour for the last five years and currently sits on the board of The Green School, which just won the Greenest School on Earth title awarded by the US Green Building Council.

For her talents and accomplishments, Nadya has been voted one of Singapore's Top 20 most influential people by CNN and one of Asia's Leading Trendmakers by Asia Week magazine, alongside the Dalai Lama, Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun Fatt.


Nadya's PARKROYAL on Pickering Photo Connection

"Drawing inspiration from PARKROYAL on Pickering’s unique symmetry of lines, beautiful mirrored surfaces and gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in plenty of natural light, my photograph captures the interesting shapes that are coming through the architecture and design of the hotel."

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Lim Wui Liang - Southeast Asia Photo Editor, Microsoft

Lim Wui Liang is the Southeast Asia Photo Editor for Windows 8 news apps at Microsoft.

Previously, he was a photojournalist with The Straits Times for eight years. There, he covered local and international news, and wrote feature stories. In 2010, he started and managed "Through the Lens", the paper's first visual journalism website.

His work has garnered in-house awards including a Singapore Press Holdings "Feature Picture of the Year" for 2008. He also won an IFRA Gold Award for Best in Photojournalism in 2008. That year, Wui Liang also participated in the annual Missouri Photo Workshop held in St James, Missouri. In 2011, "Through the Lens" won a Gold Award for Best in Online Media - Newspaper Website, at the IFRA Asian Digital Media Awards.

Wui Liang holds a Bachelor of Communications (Honours) degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and a Master of Science in Journalism, with a speciality in Digital Media, from Columbia University.


Wui Liang's PARKROYAL on Pickering Photo Connection

"Wowed by how PARKROYAL on Pickering incorporates nature into its design, I've taken a picture at the hotel's stunning wellness floor, framing the image to include these colourful birdcage-shaped cabanas, the infinity pool and contoured exterior of the hotel."

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Justin Ng - Photographer

A self-taught photographer who started pursuing photography only two years ago, Justin has since risen to become one of the most sought-after photographers in Singapore.
In April 2011, Justin became the first photographer in Singapore to develop and launch his iPhone application with the capability of displaying images taken with a DSLR instantly. The iPhone app was voted the Most Popular App in Asia during the inaugural Asia's Top 50 App competition later that year.

The Justin Ng Photo Facebook page is currently ranked among the top 5 Facebook pages in Singapore with over 230,000 members and achieving a monthly readership of more than 16 million. Justin has also been featured in various prominent mainstream and online media platforms such as The Straits Times, Channel 8 News, Shin Min Daily and SGEntrepreneurs. He was named one of Asia's Top 30 Photographers by Signature Weddings earlier this year.

Most recently, Justin founded Ministry of Photography (MOPSG) which has become the fastest growing

Nadya Hutagalung – 超模、名人及环保活动家

GreenKampong.com 的创始人兼知名艺人的 Nadya Hutagalung 拥有亚洲最具识别度的面孔,她不仅在时尚和电视领域取得了成功,近年来,还因积极投身环保和可持续生活而广受人们关注。

Nadya 的环保情结由来已久,早在小时候,她的母亲曾向她讲述过拯救印尼动物园猩猩被盗的故事,并教授她可持续的生活方式。在母亲的引导下 Nadya 始终热爱大自然,热爱小动物,拥有一颗感恩地球、回报地球的心。

最近,Nadya 因其制作的名为“Greenwood 邻居(”三年生态家居项目而再度登上报纸头条。同样身处镁光灯中的还有 GreenKampong.com 网站。该网站最初是用来记录 Greenwood 的修建进度和所遇问题,但它即将改为同志人群交流重要问题的论坛。Nadya 还在过去五年内担任世界野生动物基金会“地球一小时”活动的新加坡大使,目前她还出席了绿色学校(The Green School)的董事会,该学校刚刚赢得了美国绿色建筑委员会授予的“地球上最环保学校”称号。

凭借她的才华和成就,Nadya 已被 CNN 选为新加坡 20 位最具影响力的人物之一,并被《亚洲周刊》杂志选为“亚洲领先潮流倡导人(Leading Trendmakers)”之一,与杨紫琼以及周润发齐名。


Nadya 的必麒麟宾乐雅酒店图片链接



Lim Wui Liang – 微软东南亚区图片编辑

Lim Wui Liang 目前在微软为 Windows 8 新 apps 负责东南亚区图片编辑。

此前,他曾在《海峡时报》做过八年摄影记者。在那里,他主要负责本地与国际新闻,并撰写专题文章。2010 年,他创办并管理“透过镜头”网站(Through the Lens)——该报纸的首个视觉新闻网站。