Terms Of Use

Terms and Conditions:

PARKROYAL guarantees to provide the lowest room rate available on parkroyalhotels.com for any PARKROYAL hotel or resort on the Internet, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The competing rate must also be for the same number of guests
  • The booking must be made via parkroyalhotels.com.
  • Guest must book the lowest available rate on parkroyalhotels.com, for the required accommodations, in order to qualify for the Best Rate Guarantee.
  • The type of room for which the use of the Guarantee is sought, must be the same type of room as booked on the parkroyalhotels.com website.
  • Guest must have a confirmed reservation and a system generated confirmation number.

The PARKROYAL  Best Rate Guarantee is not valid for the following:

  • Web sites or rates where the hotel’s brand and the specific hotel are not known until the booking is made, this includes opaque and auction sites.
  • Web sites that package travel, entertainment, hotel and/or food and beverage components such as airfare with hotel stay or car rental with hotel stay, or airfare, hotel stay and restaurant voucher, and other such similar packaging.
  • Packaged rates that include taxes, service charges, meals (food & beverage), coupons and vouchers, parking, services or other amenities.
  • Rates that have been negotiated by the hotel with corporations, membership rates, government rates, promotional rates or travel agency rates. (egs: AAA, AARP, Industry Rates).

The PARKROYAL Best Rate Guarantee applies only to the Room Rate for the duration of the reservation and does not include any taxes (unless otherwise noted), tariffs or fees imposed by any government authority (federal, state or local) on either PARKROYAL Hotels & Resorts or the guest for the duration of the guest’s stay. Rates being compared to determine if Guarantee applies must both either be with taxes included, or without taxes included.

  • Only one 10% discount per night regardless of the number of lower rates found.
  • The lower rate found, must be for the same hotel, same type of accommodations, same promotions/packages, same binding terms and conditions and for the exact same dates.
  • If a lower rate is found on a third party web site, but is lower due to currency exchange rate and or rounding applied on the third party web site, the Best Rate Guarantee will not apply. Specifically, in the event that the competing rate is in a different currency from the PARKROYAL rate, the competing rate will be converted into the same currency as the rate offered on the PARKROYAL website. The currency exchange rate to be applied will be based on the exchange rate that would have been used by the applicable PARKROYAL hotel at the time of making the original reservation. After converting the competing rate, PARKROYAL reserves the right to deny a claim where the competing rate appears lower than the PARKROYAL  rate if it deems that the difference between the rates is due to, but not limited to, different currency exchange rates used by the two rate providers.

PARKROYAL has the sole right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim, including without limitation, determining that the Competing Rate is genuinely available and that the claim meets all terms and conditions. In case of dispute PARKROYAL’s decision is final.

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