Coffee Lounge

The rich aroma at the Coffee Lounge in Singapore beckons even before you get close. And no wonder! Freshly ground and brewed to perfection, it's an answer to a prayer for diehard coffee lovers who need to get their caffeine fix.

For the rest of us, we serve it in the usual variety of styles as well as chilled and flavoured. If tea is your thing, we also offer an array of choice teas.

For the perfect accompaniment to your brew, try our delightful assortment of cakes including great Cheesecake and Apple Pie as well as fresh sandwiches with your choice of filling.

Operates: 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight
Location: Level 1
Capacity: 14
Reservations preferred

Please reach us at +65 6505 5710 or use the form on the right to make a reservation online.

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