Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon located in the downtown area at the heart of the city is an unusual Christian monument in a country that is predominately Buddhist. The church was constructed on the site of a pagoda during the French Occupation of Vietnam and served as a place of worship for French Colonists. The Notre Dame Cathedral is the most iconic structure in Ho Chi Minh City.

Visitors to Vietnam will be amazed with the Cathedral that starkly contrasts with the structures that visitors can expect to find here. The design for the cathedral defeated the 17 others that were submitted at the same time. This construction is one of the special features of this attraction as it features a neo-Romanesque style.

The red bricks that the structure was built from came straight from the French city of Marseilles. The cathedral originally featured stained glass windows that were imported directly from Chartres but sadly these were damaged during the Second World War and were never replaced.

The structure itself features a very impressive façade that is complete with a clock tower at its center whilst the two sprawling towers on either side reach up 40 metres above ground. The tall and majestic structure truly presents a beautiful view against the canvas of the city’s skyline.

One of the other notable features of the Cathedral is the statute of Virgin Mary that is located outside. It was once rumoured that the statue actually shed a tear but this is mostly dismissed. When the cathedral was originally constructed there had been a statue, but this was eventually removed. It was at a much later date that this was replaced and it was during the ceremony for the new Virgin Mary statue that the cathedral was dubbed the name Notre Dame.

The cathedral itself is not open to visitors except during Sunday Mass which all are welcome to join.

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