Phu Tho Stadium

Phu Tho Stadium in Vietnam features several event venues including an indoor section and several other outdoor areas including a racetrack, and is used for a variety of different events throughout the year.

It also features a dirt track for motorsport events and is used regularly for races involving scooters and other small motorbikes. The stadium itself does not have a lot of amenities especially when it comes to the race track. But it certainly provides an extremely unusual experience.

The track is also used for horse races that feature significantly smaller ponies that one might expect at other locations around the world. Just the like the horses, the jockeys that sit atop the horses are also equally small, looking like small children. For first time visitors to this venue the sight provides a truly unique one unlike any other horse racing experience around the world. Visitors to the stadium can also make bets on the pony and rider of their choice should they be inclined to do so.

The indoor sections of the stadium are also used for various events such as Taekwondo Championships as well as the Vovinam Viet Vo Dao Championship in 2007. These martial arts competitions are held in the indoor area that is laid out with protective mats ensuring that participants do not get hurt.

The stadium is also used for hosting football matches as well as well as various musical events such as rock performances and concerts.

The stadium offers a range of different events that should not be missed when visiting Vietnam. Staying in one of the Ho Chi Minh City Hotels that is located close to this destination such as the PARKROYAL Hotel Saigon provides guests with convenient access to Phu Tho Stadium.

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