Reunification Palace

Reunification Palace in Vietnam was constructed to be the home of President Ngo Dinh Diem until his assassination in 1962. Taking its name from the reunification of both the North and South of the country, the building is most notable for being a symbolic part of the fall of Saigon, when Viet Cong tanks crashed straight through its gates. Though it was a presidential palace in the past, today it functions as a museum. The Palace was one of the predominate symbols of the South Vietnamese regime, but today it still serves as a symbol for the reunified country.

The palace features a style that was considered modern at the time it was constructed and features an appearance that many today would find akin to an elementary school. Visitors can tour the private quarters, dining rooms, entertainment lounges, as well as the President’s office. One of the most iconic attractions housed at this destination is the famed Communist tank that breached the gates of the then Presidential Palace.

The Palace itself features 5 different floors, including a room that was used for card playing on the third floor, while the fourth floor was used exclusively for dancing. The structure also once housed a casino.

A destination that should not be missed in the Palace is the War Command Room which is full of communications equipment and old maps. The basement of the Palace also has a labyrinth that features a series of rooms displaying screenings of what is mostly propaganda from during the war years. This footage is shown in different rooms in different languages.

The Palace also houses a conference hall that is still used for major and important events. An interesting thing to note is that when guests visit the conference hall they will witness a shabby carpet that covers the floor in the area, but this is only for protection and when there is an actual event, a luxurious carpet is put in its place only for guests of the actual conference.

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