War Museum

The Saigon War Museum which is also known as the War Remnants Museum is dedicated to showcasing the effects of the Vietnam War on the lives of local people living during that time period. The layout of the museum features 8 different rooms that are spread out over several different buildings, while weaponry and other equipment from the war period are located in the walled yard section.

The museum also showcases a variety of tanks, planes, helicopters, and arms. One other attraction housed here is the French guillotine that was actually used during the occupation. More importantly it showcases the effects of various weapons on people through several images that are scattered throughout the museum. These images may be somewhat disturbing, especially those that display the after effects of victims (including those of stillborn babies) who were exposed to Agent Orange.

Other exhibits feature the effects of napalm, phosphorous bombs as well as events such as the My Lai Massacre. Other attractions include the cells where Viet Cong operatives were kept prisoner. Many visitors to the museum express disbelief when looking at some of the exhibits.

It does have a strong anti American standpoint, but the actual exhibits themselves present an accurate depiction of some of what occurred during the war years. This is more apparent as the name of the museum was originally the ‘Museum of American War Crimes’, but today is simply known as the War Crimes Museum which is a sign of liberalization in the country.

The museum is strongest in driving home the point that during a war the biggest losers of all are the innocent civilians not directly involved with any of the actual fighting that is taking place.

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