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Lifestyle Executive

PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore

Located conveniently in downtown Singapore, a stay at PARKROYAL on Beach Road hotel places you in the vicinity of Marina Bay – the doorstep to the city’s premier business and leisure destinations.

Get to popular world-class Singapore attractions such as the Merlion and the Esplanade easily within minutes, or explore quaint little shophouses and lesser-known local gems just around the corner.

Position Summary

The main role is to ensure that every member/guest entering the spa & fitness is assisted and cared for and that the members’/guests’ scheduled at the Spa is acceptable and known to the necessary persons.  Treatment packages and retail products fulfilled and made aware to all members/guests that enter the Spa.  Oversees the spa and fitness operation team in the absence of the Supervisor / Manager.  Assists the Management in ensuring the outlet is an efficient and profitable operation.

Respond and deal with clients first hand and to assist them in making appointments or to assist them with their queries and to ensure that all their needs are well attended and taken care of.  Welcome and greet all clients in friendly and cheerful manner and to create a professional image when the client has first contact with the outlet.

Job Responsibilities

Guest Relations and Service

  • Assist members in making reservations for spa treatment, fitness classes and assignment of treatment rooms
  • Ensure and oversees that all clients and Therapists arrives for scheduled appointment on time.
  • Ensure therapist uses the correct allocated room, picked up allocated client and performed scheduled treatments.
  • Meet potential spa members and any other walk-in clients in a well mannered, professional, friendly manner and assist in consultation and closing of sales.
  • Dealing with customer’s requests and complaints and providing vital information to Executive/Manager for the purpose of improving clients’ satisfaction.
  • Conducting outlet tours to walk-ins and new clients.
  • Study and learn treatment and products well to encourage client’s trust and assurance on the services offered.
  • Carry out sales recommendation.
  • Ensure fulfilment of all members’ membership privileges
  • Follow up on leads or walk-ins through fax and sending of brochure if necessary.
  • Monitor client’s record and recommend packages of treatment

Associate Learning & Development

  • Attend all training assigned.
  • Ensure all new associate members are well orientated and trained
  • Formulate and provide optimum service through regular associate training, coaching, feedback and ensuring staffing level.
  • Ensure associate members’ good grooming standard.
  • Ensure associate behave and conduct themselves professionally while on duty.

Supervise, Monitor and Support

  • Monitor and support Lifestyle Coordinators / Casual Labors / Interns in advising and closing sales of packages and retail products.
  • Coordination of workshops and any other events associated with the hotel.
  • Initiate maintenance of the facilities and equipment of the outlet.
  • Assist in monitoring operations budgets and ensure all costs/sales commission are controlled.
  • Ensure staff members’ professionalism while handling guests/members.
  • Accepts any other reasonable request made by the Management.


  • Lead, motivate and build an outstanding team to a level of service which exceeds all members’/guests’ expectation by facilitating teamwork at spa and fitness.
  • Conduct daily briefing in the absence of Manager.

Employee Relations & Development

  • Build good rapport with all levels of associate.

Reports & Meetings

  • Assist to collate and consolidate reports to the Management.
  • Attend meeting whenever required

Policy and Procedures

  • Act in accordance with all policies and procedures.
  • Ensure members’ needs are efficiently and effectively met.

Hygiene and Safety

  • Assist in maintaining the hygiene levels and report any potential hazards to the Manager.
  • Adhere to fire and safety rules and regulations.
  • Fully understand the rules and regulations of the outlet.

Product Knowledge

  • Be well informed and knowledgeable on any promotion/product launches or any new happening within the outlet.

Talent Profile

  • Minimum of 1 years’ experience working in similar capacity.
  • Should at least possess GCE ‘O’ or ‘N’ level
  • Good working knowledge of relevant computer software packages(including Microsoft Office, Word/Excel/PowerPoint
  • Able to communicate and written  English

How to Apply

Please write in with your detailed resume and email us at careers.prsin@parkroyalhotels.com

We apologize that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Position Title

Lifestyle Executive

Reference #



12 May 2016


30 June 2016




PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Singapore


Spa, Health Club and Recreation

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