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Manager (Chinese Restaurant)

PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

At PARKROYAL Hotels & Resorts, we connect our guests to the very best local experience around the world. At the heart of that brand promise are our PARKROYAL people. Come join us and be part of the dynamic PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road Singapore team. 

Position Summary

To be responsible for the overall efficiency of the assigned F&B outlet, ensure that standards are being met and to maximize the profitability of operations.

Key Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities:

  • To plan, schedule and supervise service at the outlet, accordingly to the service standards and hotel’s policies and procedures.
  • To be responsible for the profitability of the restaurant operation and submit operation report to the Food & Beverage Manager, highlighting business trends and general information from the outlet.
  • To ensure all employees are trained according to the established standards and conduct on-the-job training for all new employees and monthly training for their individual outlet’s employees.
  • To ensure a high standard in the grooming of the employees.
  • To provide information or instructions on new activities/promotions as well as guest feedback to employees during roll call.
  • To ensure all food & beverages sold is properly accounted for at established prices and be on alert for irregularities in the handling of money by employees.
  • To provide feedback/recommendations on staff schedule, attendance, timeliness, complaints and innovations or any exceptional occurrences to the Food & Beverage Manager.
  • To ensure reservations are properly taken and tables assigned such that it will not overload individual station of the outlet while still respecting the wishes of the guests.
  • To be authorized to replace any unsatisfactory food and beverage or to waive payment (to recover service).  In case of heavy complaints, to refer to the Food & Beverage Manager.
  • To constantly seek to improve the service standard quality of the outlet.


  • To achieve the performance targets (revenue and profitability) of the outlet.


  • To achieve a high level of service quality this meets the demands and expectations of all hotel guests and internal customers.

Human Resource Management

  • To ensure the outlet is efficiently manned.
  • To ensure all staff are properly trained for the tasks they are performing and that staff are developed to their fullest potential.
  • To be responsible for staff retention in the outlet and take appropriate measures in furtherance of staff stability. 

Corporate Assets

  • To ensure proper handling of equipment and breakage are kept to a minimum in the outlet.
  • To ensure the outlet is kept neat, clean and in functionally good conditions at all times and paying particular attention that the outlet poses no safety threats to customers.


  • To recommend promotional activities that will build up market shares.
  • To promote the hotel as one of the preferred choice of customers in respect of food and beverage.

Talent Profile

  • Should be from an established 5/4 Star Hotel of similar standards.
  • Preferably in the Chinese Restaurant with exposure to beverage outlet.
  • Should have stayed with last hotel of employment for at least 1- 1½ years of service.
  • Proven track record of performance in terms of revenue / success rate for promotions.
  • Personal references from previous Superiors / Establishments.
  • Diploma / Certificate in F&B Hospitality Management.
  • Able to lead and supervise a team to run the daily operations.
  • Time Management is a key factor in ensuring that operational needs are met in line with the requirements of the Outlet.
  • Ensuring service standards are met, in line with Outlet’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Ensuring changes in standards are made in accordance to SOPs.
  • Able to conduct trainings, on-the-job trainings.
  • Able to conduct Performance Development Reviews and to appraise the employee, maintaining the professionalism.
  • Able to understand the needs and wants of each individual staff.
  • Able to identify the different characteristics of each individual staff.
  • Able to have progression planning in staff development in a long term planning.
  • Cheerful, positive, committed and initiative. Well versed in Mandarin and English a necessity as constantly deal with English & Mandarin speaking customers.
  • Able to understand the standards and also the requirements of the Hotel in all aspects.
  • A positive thinker with understanding to the operations that he/she will be in charge of.
  • Person with the right attitude /grooming /personality /experience (min 3 years in similar capacity) with proven track record.

How To Apply

Interested applicants, please email a detailed resume stating your contact number(s), current and expected salaries to careers.prskt@parkroyalhotels.com. 

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Position Title

Manager (Chinese Restaurant)


8 January 2016


30 June 2016




PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road


Food and Beverage and Culinary

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