Teluk Bahang, Penang

Discover an idyllic retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city at. This charming fishing village on Penang’s north-western tip is home to a beautiful natural park, offering visitors a leafy oasis that feels worlds away from Penang's city centre.

Spanning 32 hectares, the park was established in 1974 in an effort to increase awareness and appreciation of Malaysia’s forest ecology. A network of hiking trails were set up, and Teluk Bahang quickly became a popular destination for visitors and locals who now use the park for walking, camping and picnics.

Discover Teluk Bahang's unique landscapes

A bounty of walking paths within Teluk Bahang make it easy to explore the rainforest and discover Malaysia’s flora and fauna. Calming and serene, visitors can choose from short walks or more extensive treks, which delve deep into the jungle and beyond to reach Penang Hill.

Freshwater streams also weave their way through the park, forming small pools where visitors can stop off and enjoy a swim to cool off from Penang’s notorious heat. Designated areas for picnics and camping make it possible for visitors to extend their visit and explore Teluk Bahang in even greater detail.

Attractions near Teluk Bahang

Teluk Bahang's range of family friendly activities make it an excellent destination for visitors. Among the most popular attractions is the Entopia – an impressive tropical sanctuary home to thousands of butterflies and insects, offering visitors the opportunity to see species not often spotted in the wild.

Nearby, the Escape Theme Park offers an entirely different adventure, with a large playground and obstacle course designed to encourage people to step away from technology and rediscover the fun of creative and imaginative play. Visitors of all ages have the opportunity to climb, jump, slide and zip through the park, all within the beautiful surrounds of Teluk Bahang.

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