Things to do in Batu Ferringhi

Discover Penang’s most popular beach resort and enjoy the many excellent attractions and things to do when you stay at PARKROYAL Batu Ferringhi.

This popular holiday destination offers an excellent mix of relaxation and excitement; from the soft sand beaches, bustling markets and captivating cultural attractions to the vibrant bars and restaurants, Batu Ferringhi has something for everyone.


Just a short drive along the coast from Batu Ferringhi is the Entopia. This fascinating wildlife sanctuary has been a popular attraction for nearly 30 years, with thousands of butterflies and insects calling this habitat home. On visiting, guests have the opportunity to learn about protection and conservation and see species rarely seen in the wild.

Batu Ferringhi Night Market

The night market is one of Batu Ferringhi’s most famous attractions, drawing tourists from all over the island who come to shop for bargains and haggle with sellers to get the best deal. After sundown, the strip is home to hundreds of stalls selling everything from electronics, fashion and accessories to jewellery, fresh food and knock-off designer wares.

Batu Ferringhi Waterfall

Penang’s natural beauty is well documented, and visitors willing to go off the beaten track can discover some incredible scenery. The Chin Farm waterfall is a popular destination in the area, where a short trek through the forest leads visitors to a stunning sight of clear spring water cascading down the rocks into the valley below.

Penang Botanic Gardens

A short drive away from the main strip visitors can find the Botanic Gardens – a beautifully landscaped park containing a huge variety of indigenous and exotic plant species. Here, visitors can discover rare fauna, including the cannonball tree, pinang palm, black lily, slipper orchids and sengkuanh tree. From the gardens visitors can also walk up towards Penang Hill, which offers panoramic views across the island.