Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon

Explore the labyrinth of stalls and uncover bargain treasures at Bogyoke Market. Boasting more than 2000 shops and a huge selection of handicrafts and souvenirs, Bogyoke Market is a one-stop shop in the heart of the city.

Shopping at Bogyoke Market

Whatever you're looking for, you'll be able to find it at Bogyoke Market, where stalls overflow with an array of interesting items – from local ingredients, clothing, accessories and footwear to homewares, jewellery, medicine and antiques.

On the ground floor, antique shops offer a huge range of one of a kind treasures, where visitors can shop for historic items like old coins, bank-notes, postage stamps and medals – all at a reasonable price. In the centre of the market are the jewellery sellers, offering Burmese jade, rubies and other precious stones.

The stalls selling art and local handicrafts make great souvenirs; a pair of slippers are useful for visiting homes and temples, while handmade textiles are an excellent gift to take back home. Towards the back of the market there are busy food stalls where visitors can sample exotic dishes like spicy fried pig’s ears, intestine and tongues, or more traditional recipes like fried noodles and vermicelli dishes.