The Botataung Pagoda of today is in fact a reconstructed one, after the original was destroyed by a bomb during World War II in 1943. This unfortunate event turned out to be a blessing in disguise when a relic chamber in the pagoda was unearthed during excavation.

A treasure vault lay within the very heart of the pagoda, containing figures of nats encircling a pagoda-shaped stone casket immersed in mud. A wealth of treasures accompanied it, from precious stones, ornaments, jewellery, terracotta plaques to over 700 images of gold, silver, brass and stone. One of the terracotta plaques in fact bore an image of the Buddha.

More gold pagodas and precious stones were discovered upon removal of this casket, as well as two small body relics each the size of a mustard seed and what is believed to be a sacred hair of the Buddha. Visitors to the Pagoda today can view these artifacts in a fascinating mirrored walkway lined with glass showcases.


Burmese tradition has it that a thousand military officers (‘Botataung’) of the king were drawn up on a hillock at the site to welcome the arrival of the relics of the Buddha from India more than two thousand years ago. According to ancient accounts, the Buddhist king Sihadipa gave one of his ministers a sacred hair from the Buddha's head and two body relics. Seeking a sacred place to enshrine these relics, the minister consulted a famous religious leader and upon his advice chose the Botataung Mount.


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