Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT)

The Mass Rapid Transit System is the most efficient method of traversing across the city in a timely and cost efficient manner. Taking in scenic views and boasting clean carriages, it covers most areas of Singapore and is an enjoyable way to explore the city.

It is best to research the best ticketing scheme to suit your needs, as there are many options available. An investment in an EZ-Link card may be wise if choosing the MRT as your main method of travel during your stay. The card can be topped up with credits and is also serviceable on the Singapore Bus Service as a supplementary option.

If there are special requirements for improved accessibility onto the trains (including assistance for post shopping luggage), simply look to the friendly train operators for assistance. To reach PARKROYAL on Pickering, alight from Clarke Quay station and take a 5-minute walk south.

Singapore Bus Services

The Singapore Bus Service (SBS) operates mainly to the areas of the heartlands and to the outer city limits that are not easily accessible by the MRT. The buses are well serviced, air conditioned and generally operate in a prompt and timely manner.

It is advisable to use the iris Journey Planner service if considering this option for transport. This service offers up to date information about current schedules and tracks the estimated arrival in real time.

Nite Owl and Night Rider services also operate for those staying out until the early hours of the morning and run until 4am.


Taxis are readily available at the airport upon arrival and will take approximately 20 minutes to reach PARKROYAL on Pickering. In Singapore, the volume of taxis is plentiful, however, unlike some other major cities in the world, they can only be hailed at specific locations. Look for taxi stands at shopping centres, hotels, and commercial buildings scattered around the city centre or ask our friendly hotel staff for assistance.