Safety - A Top Priority at PARKROYAL Penang Resort

The Safety and Health Department of PARKROYAL Penang Resort recently organized a mock fire drill for the hotel staff. This was part of the training for the Emergency Command Group, led by Safety and Health Manager, Mr. Mohan. This full-scale drill also involved the Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia, RELA Penang and Jabatan Pertahanan Awam. 

The event included a full scale evacuation for hotel staffs, who were directed to all the fire exits calmly but briskly.  The meeting point for all staffs was at the side of the hotel, at the parking lots. There, their attendance were taken by the Group Leaders.

The fire drill conducted was of a fire that broke out in the laundry room where three staffs were injured. The Emergency Response Team was tested on their quick response time and also the procedures involved before handing over to the firemen upon their arrival.

The fire fighting team was dispatched from Teluk Bahang station and Bagan Jermal station. This is lead by Tuan Ai Wut, Ketua Balai Bomba & Penyelamat Teluk Bahang and Tuan Ravi A/L Arunacalam, Ketua Balai Bomba & Penyelamat Bagan Jermal. A team was also dispatched from the Jabatan Pertahanan Awam to help control the traffic, led by Koperal Razali. Another team from RELA Penang, led by Ms. Dhama Letchumi, was also dispatched to assist and treat the injured victims. 

After the successful drill, Tuan Ravi congratulated all parties for the successful drill and encouraged the resort to continue with drills such as this to maintain the standards.

General Manager, Mr. Francois Sigrist also thanked all associates and parties involved. "Safety is a top priority at PARKROYAL Penang Resort, and health and safety training programmes such as this are regularly conducted for staffs to ensure a high knowledge of excellent safety skills and most importantly, in providing good quality service to our guests,"  he added.

A short fire fighting demonstration was also carried out where hotel staffs were given a chance to operate a fire extinguisher to put out a blazing fire. 

Returnee guests, Mr. Max and Mrs. Janet Hooper also joined in the drill to have a firsthand feel of an evacuation. This is the first time that they participated in a hotel’s fire drill and Mr. Hooper also took the opportunity to practice putting out the fire. “We are comforted to know that PARKROYAL Penang Resort is constantly having these drills to ensure the safety of the guests, even though we hope that this situation would never arise,” remarked Mr. Hooper.